A 5:2 Plan. Or really, a 19:2 plan.

There is A LOT of information about eating well online. Probably thousands of blogs out there and even more corporately sponsored sites and research studies I could pore over if I had more time. The hours I spent reading yesterday probably didn’t begin to touch the surface of everything we have to learn!

How did it become so difficult to figure out ways to eat right? I think the documentary got it right. Too many choices, too much value placed on things when they were novelties (like milk and meat), and too much cheap convenience. It was probably much easier to make the right choices when they were limited to what you grew in your garden. Maybe prosperity is making us sick.

So far, what we’ve determined is that a tiny bit of meat and dairy is okay.

The plan is to cut out drinking animal milk altogether, stop eating things like cheese, ice cream and yogurt, and only using ingredients like butter as a minimal spread or flavor enhancer for larger meals. I bought both coconut and almond milk substitutes last night when I was on a diaper run, and this morning, Shep had the almond one on his cereal. He had no idea I’d made a change and actually asked for more.

A victory!

As for meat, we’re going to eat a little bit. The biggest struggle for me will be lunch time. On Mondays, we eat out with my Mom, and their favorite mid-day meals are things like chicken nuggets, hamburgers, turkey and cheese sandwiches, and meatballs and pasta. When eating out, a lot of places offer a grilled cheese option to replace meat for kids who don’t eat it… but we’re cutting cheese out, too!

Our best bet will probably be pasta joints (Noodles & Co., Olive Garden), BD’s Mongolian Grill, and places like Cracker Barrel that offer a two veggie plate as one of their kids’ meals.

We’ll save the french fry debate for later.

There was an interview with a Chinese emigrant in the documentary, and he talked his diet back home as being one with a little bit of meat plus lots of rice and vegetables. This struck me. Maybe we just eat too much. My plan is to switch our current dinner menu plan from one with 5 meat-based meals and 2 vegetarian meals to one of 5 vegetarian meals and 2 with meat (but not meat-based.)

I think in the foreseeable future we will probably use our meat day (just one meat meal a day) for lunch at City BBQ or Smashburger, which we really, really, really love. As of now. If this whole foods diet works as well as it looks like it’s going to, we’ll probably wake up one morning and say, “ugh, I just can’t eat anymore meat.”

***some of the blogs and sites I’ve found helpful and interesting are on my newest pinterest board here.



2 responses to “A 5:2 Plan. Or really, a 19:2 plan.

  1. I’m trying to increase our vegetarian dinners to more than just 1 a week. We eat sooo much chicken! I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

    • I am, too. This morning I woke up and all I could think of to eat was toast. TOAST!

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