Day 2: Overheating and Fried Rice

The plate of snacks for lunch went pretty well. Gerry was actually not hungry after eating, and said if he hadn’t spent 6 hours doing heavy yard work, it would have been enough until supper time.

Awesome. I didn’t expect results like that today, for sure. Usually we eat out on Saturday afternoons and have really heavy, meat-centric meals. This was a completely different experience.

(G took a work break for 6 glasses of water, two oreos and a handful of Trader Joe’s potato chips.)

I was in the mood for Chinese food for dinner, so I decided to just bulk up my side dish fried rice recipe with extra vegetables to make it more nutritive. The final dish was: Sauteed brown rice, carrots, onions, red peppers, peas, pineapple, mushrooms, broccoli, cashews and pistachios. For the seasoning, I used some fresh ground pepper, ground ginger, soy sauce, a little pineapple juice and minced garlic. It made so much, we ate until we were full AND I have a half gallon bag leftover for lunch for two!

Ah, and I also found some mini vegetable spring rolls at the store that I baked to have with our meal. We didn’t need them but I love a good crunch, and a good spring roll. These were primarily mung bean in the filling. It doesn’t sound good but it tasted pretty delicious with a little sweet n’ sour sauce. Nom Nom Nom.

I’ve done better today with my water consumption. Partly because I’m keeping a record of what I’m consuming and partly because of the frozen fruit ice cubes. I’ve had two 8 oz. glasses of iced tea and six 8 oz. glasses of ice water. The last four glasses were with the frozen mango as ice cubes. The last few drinks of each glassful tasted like mango flavored vitamin water… if they make that. It was awesome. I’ll try to fit two more glasses in before bedtime but I pee so much already I might be done for the day.

My snacks today were tortilla chips and salsa, carrots, nuts, cinnamon bread and pineapple juice. The boys ate a LOT of carrots and Archie had apple sauce, my mango ice cubes, and a banana, too. Shep had THREE pieces of whole grain toast with OLIVIO coconut spread (he thought it was butter), and they were drinking juice and water pretty much all day.

I should note that Shep’s incredibly fussy this evening. I think he is a little sunned out. He spent so much time outside, and it was so hot and humid, he probably needs a good rest.

He’s still resistant at dinner time to the vegetable-heavy and meat-free meals, but I think the more we continue to change what’s available to eat in this house, the more he’ll start to eat with us. For example, after I was cleaning up dinner, I noticed my bag of carrots was missing. I thought I had just put them away already, but ten minutes later, when I went to check on the boys, I found the two of them on Shep’s bed with the bag half-eaten. That’s way better than the Goldfish they’d normally be eating for a snack.

Another little victory!

Day Two has been a little easier than yesterday. Being home all day and having Gerry here was a huge help. It gave me the time and space I needed to really think our food habits through and plan accordingly for meal. I would like to be more deliberate in planning breakfast, however. Whether that means doing some freezer meals ahead of time or just waking up earlier than everyone else, I don’t know. I’ll have to try a few things and see what’s most effective.

I do think morning smoothies are here to stay. If my peaches are ripe tomorrow, we’ll have banana, peach and oatmeal smoothies! Maybe I have some strawberries in the freezer. That would be great, too. I’m also going to try coconut milk tomorrow and see how that compares with the almond milk.

All in all, I’m enjoying this challenge and am excited to know there are very real rewards awaiting us in the future. Gerry says he already feels healthier. I’m less irritated today, but let’s be honest, it’s because Gerry was home!


2 responses to “Day 2: Overheating and Fried Rice

  1. I notice you guys eat nuts a lot. Where do you get them? They seem so expensive everywhere. Just wondering if you know of a good deal somewhere or something. 🙂

    • I got a humungous tub of raw mixed nuts for under $10 at Target. Archer Farms brand. I’ve never seen them for any price anywhere else. That tub has lasted me through lots of recipes so far. I just pick out the specific nuts I want. Remember I don’t like beans, so sometimes nuts are a good substitute. If you like beans, you probably don’t even need to incorporate any nuts.

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