Forks Over Knives: The Viewing

My husband and I have both noticed a little nagging sensation in the back of our minds, and in our stomachs, lately. One that’s been telling us we could be feeling and living a whole lot better if we only made some changes in our diet.

We are not unusually healthy. In fact, we both regularly get stellar reviews from our physicians about the state of our health, and our two toddler boys are both thriving, energetic and just plain awesome.

There are no red flags calling us to a lifestyle change.

We just feel a little… blah.

I should also mention that I’m 8 months pregnant, irritable most of the time, exhausted all of the time and constantly sick to my stomach after eating full meals. Gerry suffers from chronic migraine headaches, low blood sugar when he doesn’t have a complete meal, and just an overall decrease in energy over the last few years.

Our oldest boy has a sweet tooth and loves chocolate and baked goods, and it’s a constant conversation daily about the pros and cons of letting him indulge. Our other son is so enamored with food, he’s always ready to eat something. He’s allergic to chocolate, but also likes sweets. Thankfully, he adores fruits and vegetables and hasn’t turned them down yet. Both have trouble sleeping at night.

So, there are some things about our life we wanted to change anyway.

Then came Forks Over Knives. We finally had a night where we were free, and found this documentary long forgotten in our Netflix queue. Many of our friends had seen it and shared how eye-opening it was. Excited but a little afraid of having our world flipped upside down, we settled in and clicked PLAY.

Two hours later, we were wide awake and determined to do something about the food we were putting in our bodies. We decided to try to adopt a predominantly whole food, plant-based diet. The decision was made to incorporate the changes slowly, because Shep, our oldest, loves meat and milk.

We started yesterday. Today I start documenting it.



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