I don’t drink enough water.

According to Babycenter.com (and every other site/book I’ve checked), I should be drinking “eight 8 oz. glasses of fluid a day, plus one 8 oz cup for each hour of light activity.”

I try to drink water. It’s really easy. It comes out of a little spigot on my fridge door, and I don’t have to prep it.

But it is so boring. I get really, really bored with my water.

I tried the agua fresca thing last pregnancy, filling a pitcher with fruit and water that I poured from for two days at a time. But after the fruit was less than delicious, I kind of forgot about the pitcher and left it in the fridge until Gerry asked whether he ought to dump the moldy bits out…

Then I started over. So I was drinking a lot of water for 2 days of every month pretty much. Bad habit.

But that was then. Today is a new day!

It’s particularly hot and humid out, and my beverage of choice, tea, has been completely consumed. My options for drinking are either water or almond milk.

Water it is! I am going to try the agua fresca method again as we stay on our whole foods, plant-based journey, but to make it easier on myself, I’m downsizing. Instead of having to worry about a pitcher, I am just taking a handful of whatever frozen fruit we have and using it as ice.

The best part is that it won’t go bad, and I can eat it once I drink my water. A little treat at the bottom of my glass!


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