A constant process: More research!

Woke up this morning kind of hungry and ready to eat as SOON AS POSSIBLE. Played with Archie on the couch for a little while and then he had some fruit and i had a glass of orange juice. We’re waiting patiently for a batch of blueberry muffins to cool enough to eat now.

I’ve been thinking obsessively a lot about Forks Over Knives and started reading some other research that brings to light other issues the documentary doesn’t address. The article I’m reading right now is very long, but I find it helpful and fascinating because the writer uses a lot of journals and case studies from as far back as 60 years ago that are completely independent from the studies done by the FOK doctors.

“Forks Over Knives: Is the Science Legit?” by Denise Minger

Right now, I’m thinking eggs and fish might be good inclusions in our diet. It seems that fish, when wild and fresh, can do far more good than harm in a whole foods diet. Unfortunately, the thought of eating anything remotely fish-like right now makes me want to hurl. I also think I am allergic to tuna fish, based on my body’s reaction to it in the past, so I am leery of trying anything new and oceany. Especially this last HOT month of pregnancy when nearly everything I eat makes me feel a little queasy.

We are headed to my father-in-law’s house this afternoon for a Memorial Day cookout. It will be interesting.

Gerry said “wow, my dad’s email is like reading a list of the opposite of what we are eating now!” Here is a little excerpt:

I have hot dogs, brats (3 kinds), hamburgers (cheese slices, if wanted), buns for both, ketchup, mustard, potato chips (regular + sour cream & onion), ice cream w/cones & milk for milkshakes.

I have some soft drinks (I haven’t inventoried), but if you have a preference you should supply, as I haven’t been too successful at it the last few times.  I will probably make iced tea.

I do NOT have salads of any kind – regular, potato, macaroni, etc.
I do NOT have fruit of any kind.
I do NOT have beans of any kind – baked, green, etc.
I do NOT have fresh vegetables.

While Gerry has already told me he “must have a brat,” we are going to have to stop and get some stuff on the way.

Not sure whether to buy enough for everyone or just to make sure we and the kids have what we need. Maybe we should eat our items on the way there. This could get a little expensive… Gerry’s family is huge, just in the immediate family alone who will be in attendance there are probably 20+ people eating. 6 are grown men who eat a lot and 1 is a pregnant mama (Me!).


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