Day 4: Relaxing and Food Shopping

Today is our quiet day of the weekend.

It so often works out that way, that the actual holiday on an extended weekend ends up being the day we have no plans. We went over our budget and spent part of the morning figuring out how to purchase groceries for our new diet. There is so much here that’s either meat, dairy or highly processed and accessible that half the time I reach for something and then go to put it back.

We knew having more easy-to-get-to whole foods on hand would help with that.

We decided to split our week into two parts to make it more affordable and all of us piled into the van for a trip to Trader Joe’s. I thought about going to Earth Fare, but I think it’s more expensive, and I know my way around Trader Joe’s, so it was less intimidating. This is the first time I’ve bought everything we needed without going to Meijer or Kroger. I was surprised we found everything on our list… but then again, our list was small and there was nothing processed on it.

The trip was fast and easy and we spent $50 for a week’s worth of lunches and 3 nights of dinners. That includes some grass fed organic burgers we picked up because I wanted to have my meat day tonight since it’s grillin’ time. I think the beef was twice as much as I normally spend… almost $7 a pound. But it was worth it. Psychologically it felt like we were getting a treat, and taste-wise, it was just yummy!

Once we were home, Gerry mowed the grass and then the boys got the slip n’ slide out to work up an appetite. It was another sticky hot day, but they’re impervious to it. All three of them.

As for dinner, we all enjoyed our hamburgers. I had farmers market lettuce and tomatoes so we put little salads on top. Delicious. The whole wheat buns were not bad either. In the past, I would have passed right over them, but they were heartier and I appreciated that tonight.

BUT! while I am sitting here typing, I feel a heartburn-like sensation I haven’t had since we started the diet. I don’t know if it is the burger or maybe eating too much (I was hungry!) but I don’t like it. I’d file it under the blah feeling. Maybe 4 oz. is too much for me now. Like everything else, I’ll have to figure it out as we go!

Gerry goes back to work tomorrow, so I have to decide what to put together for his lunch and for the boys. He may ride his bike if the weather is nice, so he’ll need more calories than if he was driving. I’ll definitely have to whip out the big guns with the morning’s smoothie! I’m also trying to ready myself for the first day of doing this by myself.

If I can just maintain that the old snacks are not an option, and figure out lunch for myself before I get too hungry and tired to prepare it, I think we will make it until dinner time.

I really do.

Lord willing.

Food Journal

Gerry — Peach, Banana, Mango and Oat Smoothie; coke, garbanzo beans, tortilla chips and salsa, small oatmeal pancake, nuts, triscuits, water, 2 beers, fries, 6 oz. of burger, whole wheat bun, lettuce, tomato
Shepherd — oatmeal pancakes, blueberries and raspberries, garbanzo beans, pickles, grapes, triscuits, carrots, water, 4 cheese puffs, TJ cinnamon cookies, Ovaltine and almond milk, strawberries, more grapes, 2 oz. burger, raisins, fries, tea
Archie — oatmeal pancakes, blueberries and mango, garbanzo beans, grapes, triscuits, carrots, water, 4 cheese puffs, TJ cinnamon cookies, orange juice, strawberries, more grapes, 2 oz. burger, raisins, fries
Erinne — Orange juice, water, hot tea, 2 pieces of whole grain cinnamon bread w. butter, mixed greens, carrots, cabbage, cashews, tortilla strips with lemon herb vinaigrette, strawberries, half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, whole banana, some grapes, fries, 4 oz. burger, whole wheat bun, lettuce, tomato


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