Rainy Morning Gut Check

Good Morning.

It’s raining today and I am overjoyed with the idea that I won’t have to be outside sweating through my clothes while the boys play! Did my little rain dance earlier. Now I’m drinking a strawberry, banana, oat smoothie while the boys simultaneously hunt down a giant fly and play a round of miniature golf in their underwear.

I’ve noticed they don’t want to watch as much tv or rest on the couch as much since we changed their diet. They may request a show, but then they run around and do a lot of creative physical activity while it’s playing. When I turn it off, I get no complaints.

I love that.

I’ve also noticed our 3 year old is having a much better time in the bathroom these days, too. For a couple weeks he was having trouble going #2, but he’s gone once every 12 hours since Saturday, and it’s been the least messy poops I’ve ever seen! Sorry to the non-parents reading who don’t say poop all the time yet ;). The 18 mo. old doesn’t know how to say no to fruit, though, so the diet is actually making his diapers a little messier.


As for me, my tummy hurt last night all night long. It could have been the meat, Ollie’s constant shifting in my belly, or some other weird pregnancy thing. I feel much better this morning, and if I can rest a little bit later I should be just fine.

New development, we are going to meet my mom for lunch. It’ll be the first time that we have gone out to eat since Panera on Friday. That’s actually a substantial break from restaurants for us.

I didn’t realize until last night how much time and effort and money eating out takes up!

Gerry got more done on the house this weekend than he has in the 4 weekends before, and we think it’s because he was able to work through the day without having to get ready to go out. Add getting the boys ready, loading the van, waiting to be seated, waiting to order, waiting for the food, eating and corralling the kiddos, waiting for the check, waiting for the waiter to bring back the card, loading the van, and driving home into the schedule, and we saved hours every day by nixing the eating out!

I’m estimating we saved around $50, too. Although we did promptly use that at Trader Joe’s. Which is a far better investment for our family.

I am looking forward to making potato tacos for dinner tonight and I think I’m going to flavor some ice tea to go with it.


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