I Need Protein to grow my baby!

Do I really only get HALF the protein I need from the new diet? AHHHH!

One thing I don’t want to do is take away from Ollie’s development and growth. I have to figure out a way to get more protein.

But I really hate tofu and I really hate beans.

I tried quinoa once and I hated it.

But a lot can change in 2 months. I should try it again. At least for peace of mind. Or maybe I can figure out a way to make beans more palatable. But in 29 years, it hasn’t happened yet.

So I doubt it.

A crunchy little cashew is as close as it gets for me.

Maybe tempeh is the way to go. It’s a fermented soy but I’ve read more positive reviews about it, both based on taste and texture.

I could try it.

Tempeh AND quinoa.

A power duo!

Formidable additions to any diet.

Well, that makes them sound interesting enough.

I need to remind myself that some of what I was eating before had the nutritional content of a plastic bag. A processed burger on a white bun with french fries that last resembled potatoes in 2010?

That might have been meat but that’s not what Ollie or I need either.

This is a much better plan.

All the other nutritional benefits I’m reaping from all these whole grains and fruits and vegetables is going to be so, so, so good for us.

And all the nasty stuff we aren’t eating anymore? Things we can’t pronounce. Things we didn’t even know were in our food?


And the protein problem is fixable. It’s a psychological battle. Just like the rest of this challenge.

I’ve kept it up for 5 days, another tweak to the ol’ menu shouldn’t be too hard.

FOR OOOOLLIE!!! <cheer cheer cheer>


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