Less Stress Gut Check

It’s been a week since we started this entire process and it has been much easier in some ways and harder in others.

The boys are doing great with their grazing/snacking routine and rarely ask for anything they can’t have.

But Lord help me when Shepherd DOES want something that’s a no-no.

I REALLY need to find a suitable cheese for the occasional grilled cheese sandwich.

I think we’ll all have our little vices that we indulge in every once in while.

Maybe Shep’s will be cheese, Gerry’s will be cheese, and mine will be the butter I put on my morning toast.

Archie pretty much doesn’t care one way or the other as long as he’s eating SOMETHING.

Oh to be that carefree. I hope he holds onto that a little longer.

My biggest problem has just been worrying that we are getting enough nutrition in our diets.

It’s funny how once you take the blinders off, you can’t seem to get them back on all the way.

Before this all started, we were probably eating more empty foods and getting a lot less nutrition, but I wasn’t paying attention. So I didn’t know. So now I wonder if we’re doing the right thing.

We are. I always get back to the “we are.”

I’ve come to a couple conclusions but for the most part still have mostly questions that I need to answer through research and personal experience.

First, every family has different needs in their diet. What works for one isn’t going to work for another. Our body chemistries and lifestyles are all different and one man’s restrictions might be another man’s bounty!

Second, because of that, I’m on a gung-ho search for a good beef and chicken provider for our two meat meals a week, and am excited to make eggs when Gerry brings home a box from the local farmer.

Third, I really want to get a juicer. Shep is missing out on smoothie nutrients because he can’t handle the texture, and I know we would drink a lot more juice than smoothies. I must fit it into our budget.

Fourth, trying to make plants taste like meat is dumb. They are delicious and have a special taste all their own that we are really coming to appreciate. I think we’ll be happy just enjoying the meat flavors that come from actual meat. What do you have to do to a vegetable to get it to taste like a burger, anyway? Too much messing around.

Fifth, processed food is everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE. The words vegan or vegetarian don’t mean healthy. Just like any other type of diet, the more food made from whole foods at home without lots of added junk, the better.

Sixth, stressing out over the minutiae of our diet will deplete valuable nutrient stores in my body. I plan to keep reading, having conversations and recording our experiences for a long while. But moving in the right direction is the whole point and set backs are just set backs. No big deal.

So, I’m feeling all right today. I had a little bit of a treat with some chicken in my lunch (from Chipotle) and the boys and I got to spend a long while at the park with my mom. It’s been leisurely and full of sunshine, and now the little ones are sleeping while I catch up on my reading and blogging.

Onward! 😉


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