Dinner Meal Plan: Busy Week

Everything I’m looking up for our meal plan has cheese or meat as the centerpiece. Oh the struggles! This is going to be a crazy week and I was hoping to find more quick and easy recipes for us to eat on the go and in our limited time.

Monday —

Moroccan Mushroom Skewers and vegetable wild rice and raspberry lemonade slushies.
I don’t know how Shep is going to react to this mushroom dish, and I’m a little bit worried. If I put some lentils in the wild rice, he should be okay. I’m hopefully Gerry will be home from work in time to prepare the skewers on the grill!

Tuesday —

Vegetarian (tempeh) Chili and whole grain bread.
I’ve never made vegetarian chili in my life and I’m not sure how it’s going to go, but at least I already have a spice mix I like! I think I am going to roast and puree onions, garlic tomatoes, carrots, celery and peppers to make a thick base and use vegetable stock and some of Gerry’s spicy chipotle home brew along with water for the liquid. This will be one of the recipes I have to use beans in for it to work. So I’m going to figure out how to prepare our tempeh or tofu plus beans and cashews for texture and maybe I’ll throw in a little masa flour and we are going to be good to go!

Wednesday — (Meat Day)

Stadium Grub.
Tonight the whole family will be at a baseball game so we are going to eat something healthy before we go and indulge in something naughty while we are there. I think I want a hot dog or nachos or pizza, a hot pretzel or all them in one. Don’t judge 😉 Goooo Dragons!

Thursday —

Vegetable Fettucine with tomato, garlic and carrot sauce and whole grain bread.
Tonight Gerry is doing portfolio reviews for the kids graduating from Sinclair College, so the boys and I are on our own for supper… super simple.

Friday —

Potato Tacos and cilantro lime brown rice.
These were so, so, so, so good last week, we are ready to have them again. This time I’m going to put some peppers in with the potatoes and kale and try a different tortilla, but other than that, we’ll be using the same recipe. I’ll still prepare some beans because the boys like them so much.

Saturday —

Fruit and Nut Pasta Salad / Avocado wraps
Pasta, grapes, berries, pineapple, mandarin oranges, kiwi, toasted pecans and almonds for lunch.
Avocado, carrots, cucumber, tomato, peppers, rice and lettuce wraps for dinner.
(We have two birthday parties to attend this afternoon, one nephew turning 1 and the other turning 2! We’ll probably have cake and try our best to eat well from the food provided. My goal is to prepare lunch before the first party and eat dinner at home after the second.)

Sunday —

Today will have to be a meat day for Gerry and me. We ordered our dinners for the wedding we are shooting weeks ago. I’ll pack some fruit, veggies, crackers and nut butter for us to snack on throughout the day and we’ll make it work. I’m most concerned that we can make it through the day without getting migraines. We haven’t figured out if the wedding day headaches are caused by the heat, hunger or just general tiredness (I’ll be less than 4 weeks out from having Oliver!). I have noticed that I haven’t had a single headache in the last 8 days, though!

I’ll pack the boys’ lunches and let them eat whatever Gramma Mamaw wants to make for dinner. The hard part for them will be not snacking on treats, but I think they’ll be okay if they have their popcorn and raisins!


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