Recipe: Black Bean Dip (Vegan)

I made a black bean dip for the guys’ vegetables and pretzels at lunchtime. It was so easy and they really loved it. Archie even wore it for a while once he was full.

Easy Vegan Black Bean Dip


1 can black beans
1 handful cilantro leaves
1/2 t fresh ground black pepper
1/2 t sugar
2 T coconut milk
1 T masa flour (you can leave out, it just thickens it)


  1. Cook the beans until warm and tender. Let cool for a few minutes.
  2. Throw all the ingredients except masa flour into a blender. Cover.
  3. Pulse until the consistency of chocolate pudding.
  4. Add masa flour in small amounts and pulse until you reach desired thickness.
  5. Scoop out and serve as a dip for veggies, chips, etc.

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