Ten Pins: My Favorite Pins for the Week

Ten Food Pins that really caught my eye this week

10. Simple Garlic Mushroom Bruschetta

recipe from Donal Skehan | I would make this for Gerry and me one night while watching History Channel tv shows on the couch after dark — a little red wine for him and some iced tea for me.

9. Arugula Pina Colada Smoothies

from NY Times | I want to make this without ginger for a weekend day when we are all playing outside in the sun.

8. Corn Cakes with Tomato-Avocado Relish

from Annie’s Eats | I love corn fritters and corn cakes and avocado and tomato have become such a staple around here, this recipe sounds PERFECT. I’m going to use my own ranch recipe with coconut milk and sub coconut milk in the corn cake portion of the recipe, too.

7. Sprouted Kitchen

Sproutedkitchen.com | “a tastier take on whole foods” | The recipes are great, but the photography by Hugh Forte is incredible, too. It’s inspiring on many counts.

6. Strawberry Candy Chews

from theworldwidegourmet.com | The boys love raisins and oftentimes strawberries I buy at the store are no good by the next day. This would be a good trick for times when there is a great sale but I can’t eat them all in one day!

5. Sassy Water

from… I’m not sure, it’s in Russian! | I am always looking for ways to entice myself into drinking more water. Looks like a winner.

4. Fusian | Easy. Casual. Sushi.

This is one of my favorite places to eat a dairy-free and meat-free meal. They even prepare my roll separately so I can eat everything sesame-free. My favorite roll is seaweed, rice, extra avocado, carrot, cucumber, seasonal vegetable, green onion and tempura crunchies. I dip half in spicy mayo and half in sweet soy and always drink a ton of the complimentary cucumber water they have. So good. This meal is $5, too, for a TON of food!

3. Curry Trail Mix

from The Vegan Stoner | This blog uses a lot of canned and processed foods even though it’s all “vegan,” but with a little tweaking, the recipes are good springboards for healthier, whole food options. And I love the illustrations. They are whimsical. I am going to make a batch of this for Gerry to have a work using raw nuts.

2. Crisp Pita Salad

from MarthaStewart.com | This salad is so different from what I usually make and sounds incredibly refreshing.

1. Strawberry Oat Bars

from Whole Living | We love eating fruit and grain in the morning, and this raw bar sounds incredible.

Hope you and your families are enjoying wholeing up šŸ˜‰

We went to a baseball game with my mama for Gerry’s birthday this year and had a great time ignoring our diet. I think we ate enough junk food to last us until at least the 4th of July!


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