Food | Could we grow our own?

The more I learn, the more enticing the idea of planting some of our fruits and vegetables becomes. I am super intimidated by the thought of caring for a whole garden, and barely entertained the idea in years past. However, our consumption has skyrocketed and it seems like a good time to see what we can do. The simpler, the better.

Also, our oldest son has inspired me! If at three years old, he can successfully plant some onions and watch them flourish with presumably no idea what he is doing, my husband and I have a shot, right?

*say “Yes!”

Shepherd with his onion plants. He buried them in March and they are both tall and flowering!

This morning I’ve been googling about “how to garden at home” and found an article from TLC’s website called “66 Things You Can Grow At Home: In Containers, Without a Garden” — I plan on reading about all 66.

I’m also reading about composting. We have so much trash, and now a lot of it is biodegradable and stuff like fruit and veggie peels. I think that’s the kind of stuff you compost… but I’m not sure. So I’m reading on and Compost Instructions, too.


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