Gut Check: June is for the strong-willed.

Grandma’s funeral is over — it was wonderful to see nearly all of her family come to celebrate her life 🙂

Unfortunately, the aftermath included lunch/dinner at a very unhealthy buffet in town that completely wrecked my system last night. My body didn’t know what was happening.

I thought I was having the baby!

Alas, I did not.


Now life should start to settle a little bit with not so many events to attend, a few weeks off work before Ollie’s due date and more time at home, and we can get our eating back on track.

I’ve been feeding the boys crazy heaping plates of fruits and veggies in the morning just because I haven’t known where we’d be at meal time for the last couple weeks! Add in some raisins, clif bars and fruit pouches, they’ve done all right.

Minus the cookout burgers and cake.

June brings with it SO. MUCH. CAKE. I used to think December was the worst month for figuring out how to eat right, but I was wrong. It’s JUNE. Graduations, weddings, birthdays, cookouts, grilling specials, sales on meat, outings with concession stands and whatever else can fit on the calendar.

Willpower not so strong as I thought.

But it could be pregnancy. Maybe I’m totally in control when I’m not pregnant or nursing. I’ve been one or the other for so long I don’t know.

Tonight I mixed up white beans, tomatoes, fingerling potatoes and carrots with Italian seasonings and olive oil and baked it for the boys dinner. I told them it is vegetable soup without the soup.

They are eating most of it. Except for the purple potatoes.

Shep just doesn’t get it.

“They’re purple. I can’t wrap my mind around it!” he tells me.


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