Missing. (I was at the library. and here on the couch. with my boys.)

The last couple weeks have not been ones for blogging. I’ve only half been able to maintain our diet, and between trips to the hospital to check on Ollie (he’s not here yet), and trying to squeeze the most cuddles possibly from the boys before they have another brother, I’ve been busy doing nothing!

I’ll admit it. I’ve loved it. Even though there’s been a lot of pain (these contraction are ridiculous), I have savored having time to just connect with the boys and my family and my mom and remember what’s important.

Few things mean more than our relationships!

But, to continue having relationships, one must be able to interact and serve and love and have energy and all that good stuff. And a key part of being able to do that is our lifestyle and our diet!

So… to the library I went to see if I could spark the nutrition research fire back up again, and here’s what I came home with:

1. So far, I’ve read about half of the The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia by Rebecca Wood and I’m loving it. It would be nice to find a used copy to have on hand for reference.


2. I also checked out CLEAN FOOD by Terry Walters and started with the summer recipes — I’ve found lots of great salad, dressing and sauce ideas and have only read about 20 pages!

3. The third book I checked out is The Essential Eating Well Cookbook — I find recipes from this source all over the internet and thought it would be a good book to have on hand for a little while. I have to admit I haven’t opened the cover yet, though. I don’t like the design of the cover very much and am having a hard time getting past that.

Yeah I’m nutty like that. But isn’t The Whole Foods Encyclopedia cover beautiful? Ahh.


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