Some pins.

The boys are spending today with my Mama to give me a little rest and keep me off my feet. Bless her.

So I am sitting here pinning some recipes and ideas for the first couple weeks we are home with Ollie. I could do a lot of cooking, that isn’t necessarily a problem, but I have trouble motivating myself to do much other than feed and love my babies.

Some pins I found:

Lately, I can’t bring blueberries or raspberries into this house without the boys devouring them in minutes. Yesterday, my mom brought over a pint in the late afternoon and they were gone by dinner. It’s a wonderful problem to have, but I’d like to actually do something withe the fruit sometimes :-b — I think the boys will like this a lot. They are used to just having fruit and whole grain cinnamon toast for breakfast, so it’ll make a nice treat. And it’s a little heartier for a nursing mama who needs extra calories!

  • Mexican Vegetable Soup with Lime and Avocado
    If there is one thing Gerry loves and loves to make, it is soup. This recipe is a fresh take on traditional vegetable soup and lends itself well to our family’s tastes. We all LOVE the flavors of Mexican food. I am not sure where we can find hominy, but we’ll have to see. There’s a ton of beautiful fresh Ohio corn at the grocery right now if nothing else!

  • Corn Cakes with Tomato and Avocado

    I like fried corn. Corn in general. Summer corn, really. And avocado and tomato have been good to me lately, so this is sounding pretty delicious. I think this could even be a whole meal with the salsa topper — it’s almost like a salad! (I just realized I pinned and blogged another one I never got to try. I must make them soon!!)

Like I was saying earlier, the boys just love little tiny fruits right now. I could make these kebobs with grapes or blueberries or even grape tomatoes for Archie. He loves tomatoes something fierce. I’ll probably use seeds or bits of raisins for eyes instead of frosting. Hopefully they’ll get a kick out of them.

There was a time when fruit and veggie wash sprays were all the rage. I used to buy it. Then I stopped. Now I just rinse most of my produce and scrape wax off my apples with a knife. I like this idea. This is a good idea.

I am sure the time will come again when I have berries home for more than a couple hours before they are devoured, and in those times, this trick of rinsing the berries with vinegar to kill mold and keep them perky will be good to remember. It’s practically the same as the fruit wash, but specifically claims to keep berries fresh, so I pinned it, too!


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