Prodigal Blogger Returns with new baby and a meal plan!

Ah the prodigal blogger returns. For now. I have been busy. Ollie was born 2 days after my last post!

3 weeks old.

He is fantastic. His brothers love him. He might be allergic to milk. Which is okay because we cut it out, but then I had ice cream and loaded potato skins in one night (hubby’s birthday celebration) and he broke out with a rash and tummy aches. It may have been a one time thing, because after cutting out milk completely for 12 days, the rash is still there although he isn’t spitting up more than once a day now.

It’s so hard to tell with babies because their only communication is crying and body language. We’re learning his Ollie-isms as we go :).

I got about a three week break from meal-planning and cooking and we ate whatever our friends and family so graciously brought us. We were full and unstressed, but didn’t keep with our diet plan as well as we had been. I’ve increased my meat intake a bit, too, just so I get more calories each day, because nursing really takes a lot of of me.

Now that Ollie seems to have a set time to sleep each afternoon, and the boys are being peaceful and snacking, I can fix up a meal plan again!

Meal Plan July 31 – August 5

Tuesday: Taco Salads
I am making this avocado, corn and tomato salad (no feta) and putting it on top of some romaine with sliced peppers and Smart Grounds seasoned with taco seasoning. This is actually my first time really using a meat substitute and I am really hoping to find something that works as a ground meat replacement because the boys really like their ground beef. Praying it is delicious!

Wednesday: Fried Gnocchi
This has become one of my husband’s favorite meals, hands down. We make it with some almond pesto and garlic bread. I will make a salad on the side and one of the many dressing recipes I’ve pinned recently. Don’t know what we’ll be in the mood for until Wednesday. Oh, that’s tomorrow. Probably ranch, then. Cuz I love it.

Thursday: Carrot Spice Muffins, Omelets and Hashbrowns
Since we don’t cook meat here anymore, I’ve come to appreciate the hearty succulence of a good egg. Especially a farm-fresh, high quality egg. Cooked just right. With a touch of salt. I am determined to figure out how to prepare the perfect sunny side up egg, the perfect soft boiled and hard boiled egg, the perfect omelet… sigh… now I am thinking about MasterChef, which will not be new again until after the Olympics. (GOOOO CHRISTINE!)

But I do love the Olympics. Go Misty and Kerri! Go Missy! Goooooooooooo Gabby!

Friday: Pizza and Mexican Hot Chocolate Snickerdoodles
I’m thinking pepperoni (if I can find these), mushroom, pepper and spinach pizza. I have 2 days to figure out a dairy-free cheese solution, which I will share with you. If I do find such a solution. If not, we’ll just have to have cheese-free pizza and call them “bruschetta!”

Saturday: Corn Cakes and Green Bean Fries
For whatever reason, I like snacky, appetizery, greasy and starchy food on Saturday. Always have, always will. So I’m playing into that with this dinner. It will be like ordering off the appetizer menu at a bar and restaurant combo. I better tell Gerry to save a couple craft beers for this night!

Sunday: QDoba
Our local QDoba has free kids’ meals on Sunday nights, so this has turned into a tradition the last few weeks. They have plenty of meat and dairy-free options to choose from. We love their gumbo/ tortilla soup and the cilantro lime salad dressing is MMM.


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