Home is where the meal is.

You always go back home.

Sometimes home is a place where you can pronounce all the ingredients and prepare your dinner from start to finish.

Sometimes there’s meat there… dairy… sometimes it’s all veggies sprinkled with smoked sea salt and washed down with green tea.

There are veggie burgers there, too. Annie’s if we’re lucky and Gardenburger if we can only make it to Meijer.

And don’t forget the fresh, locally-sourced beef burgers we might have on occasion. Oh, the succulence. The opulence. The I-can-only-eat-this-occasionally-or-I-will-explodence…

We’ve had another busy few months, recovering from the holiday, sorting through taxes, and celebrating my birthday with lots and lots of festive trips to restaurants.

And now I’m recovering from my birthday!

And desperate to catch up on this blog!

We’ve branched out from whole foods to natural products, too. I’ve been using a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner (if i ever go poo-free, it’s going to be way down the line) and I love it. I also cut 9.5 inches off my hair and love that, too.

I’ve tried using mostly natural cleaners around the house, but most definitely had to go BLEACH CRAZY on the bathroom a couple weeks ago.

It didn’t even begin to touch the smell of pee.

I live with 4 guys. Ages 9 months to 27 years old.

The smell of pee… is going to have to become an acquired tolerance.

Oh, we’ve been using essential oils a lot lately, too. We started with the DoTerra Family Physician’s kit and I’ve used some of them everyday. Lavender to help the boys calm down, lavender and peppermint for hubby’s headaches, frankincense for boo-boos, OnGuard when I felt a sinus infection coming on.

The best one has been DigestZen, for Archie’s upset tummies. That stuff is amazing.

I’m back in the kitchen after a few weeks of frequenting the favorites and trying a new local dive, Olive.

Our dinners yesterday and today featured spinach. Happy National Spinach Day!

tonight was eggs and spinach on naan with dill roasted carrots, buffalo fries and a solitary mushroom on the side. i made avocado ranch dip instead of topping the fries with blue cheese. it was all delicious. Image

Last night was a super quick meal — I sauteed mushrooms in olive oil for a few minutes, then added spinach and broccoli to the mix, tossed that around with garlic, pepper and some chicken stock, then dumped it onto pappardelle pasta with a little bit of Parmesan cheese. YUM.


Oh, this was my birthday lunch at Olive, an urban dive. It was absotootely amazing. Flippin’ phenomenal. I would have eaten it forever. But I got full. It was a risotta with pancetta and onions and brussel sprouts, topped with chicken. So good. Gordon Ramsey would have gone ape. Yes, I really, really liked it :).


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