Gut Check : Bouncing Back after illness

Oh, how little control I have on this thing called life.

April has been one setback after another. First the boys were sick. Then I was sick. Then I was better for 3 days. Then I was sick again. Then I spilled hot tea all over my lap. There was an overflowing toilet in there, too, and I am likely never going to eat QDoba again after my bout with what was either a stomach bug or food poisoning.

Or… both. Gasp.

We didn’t get our garden planted or the boxes even set up with dirt.

We didn’t plan out our meals or cut coupons for the grocery store.

We ate at Smashburger once and grilled out tonight.

The boys are once again hooked on cheese.

But, I’ve nearly made the switch from sweet tea to unsweet tea, Shep is eating vegetables he previously wouldn’t touch, and Archie has a newfound love for yogurt that is both keeping him full and helping his gut.

Gerry still wants every meal to be meatless, and I still hate beans, so meal time is regularly a compromise.

A delicate balancing act between the boys and my desire to eat meat a few times a week and Gerry’s preference for things like beans and peppers.

Sometimes I make two different dinners so we are all happy.

I’m generally happy if I have an avocado.

We all have our comfort foods.

Shep is good with cheese and then anything salty and starchy.

Archie is obsessed with yogurt and whole apples.

Gerry much prefers craft beer to anything else we have on hand.

I think mine is still avocado. Funny that didn’t change in 20 seconds.

sometimes we'll even resort to eating our feet :)

sometimes we’ll even resort to eating our feet 🙂



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